About Me

For much of my life I lived in fear -- fear of failure, fear of what everyone else thought of me, fear of not being perfect. But I wasn't fully living my life. So I decided to change and start following my dreams. This blog is the result of one of those dreams.

My blog is a place for me to share things I've learned on my journey toward becoming the person I want to be. I want my blog to be positive and useful to readers. I'm not an expert; just enthusiastic about sharing things I've learned on a variety of personal development topics. I definitely welcome comments and feedback.

I'm a freelance writer with a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in Library Science. I'm in my 30s and got married a couple of years ago to my soul mate. I'm from Nevada, lived in Utah and Arizona for a while, and now I'm in Georgia. I've also lived outside the U.S. in Bulgaria and China. My hobbies include reading voraciously, writing, crocheting and other various crafts, hiking, Dance Dance Revolution, and cuddling with my husband. My favorite weather is rain. I love foreign and old films. Someday I hope to write the great American (young adult) novel. I've been to a monster truck rally. And loved it. Any questions?

You can also find me at my writing blog: Holli Ronquillo's Freelance Writing Blog

To contact me: Send an email to hollijkr@gmail.com


Andrew Boyd said...

Hi Holli Jo,

good article - I believe that a sense of gratitude is indeed one of the secrets to a meaningful life.

Best regards, Andrew

Holli Jo said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Hubuf blog be! I really like it! Abs.

Holli Jo said...

Thanks, Abs. :)