Happy Positive Thinking Day!

Today is Positive Thinking Day!

If you want to join in on the positive thinking, you can focus on this affirmation: I choose to create a great day! The website Positive Thinking Day says that by doing this, you can help change the world.

What do you think about that? Can your thoughts influence the world? I think so. I believe that every action we take, no matter how small, affects someone in some way. And our thoughts influence our actions. So by thinking positively, we influence the world in a positive way!

Not to mention that I believe positive thinking leads to positive outcomes in our lives. Don't get me wrong - I'm not the kind of person who believes that if you think positively, nothing bad will happen to you and you'll become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Bad things happen to everyone, no matter how positive you are. But out of those negative experiences will come positive results if our hearts and minds are in a place to receive the gifts those experiences are there to give us.

I'm not perfect at it. Sometimes I wish my trials would go away and leave me alone. Just yesterday I felt bad that I still don't have full-time employment here after a month of searching. But my wonderful husband helped me see all the positive things that have come about because of it. And now I realize that though it's been hard to be without a job, it has been a blessing to me in some ways.

The joyful and the sorrowful experiences are there to teach us something if we allow ourselves to be positive and look for it. Challenge yourself to be more positive. I know I'm going to. Today, I choose to create a great day!


Megan B. said...

Fantastic post! I'm a firm believer that our thoughts influence not only ourselves, but the world around us. Whether through thought leading to action, or even just pure thought - in and of itself.

Coming from the perspective that absolutely everything is energy, I believe when we have positive thoughts, we're raising the vibration (or energy level) of ourselves, and also of the world.

We're all connected; the energy that's flowing through me is flowing through you, and him and her and this and that... It's wild!

When I'm able to remind myself of this, HOLY COW is it POWERFUL!
It gives me the sense that I can affect aspects of this world I may never see. How cool is THAT?!

Cmate said...

Nice blog... I'll be back.

I linked you in my blog already.

you wont mind right?

Holli Jo said...

Megan B. - It's easy to forget what a powerful effect our thoughts can have on ourselves and our world.

I like how you say we're all connected -- it's true! We affect each other, and it's nice to know we can work to affect others in a positive way.

cmate - Thanks. I'm glad you found my blog. And of course I don't mind that you linked to me!