Life Tips Learned from High School Musical

It's possible you don't have children or don't watch the Disney Channel, in which case you may not have heard of High School Musical (and High School Musical 2). But otherwise, you know that High School Musical was a made-for-TV Disney musical that blew everyone away with how popular it became.

The story is simple: the jock and the smart girl want to break free from the norm and try out for their high school's musical. The songs are catchy, and of course there is a happy ending. But apart from being a fun movie to watch, it also offers several tips for living life.

Be open to possibility.
Living in my own world
Didn't understand
That anything can happen
When you take a chance (Start of Something New)

Troy and Gabriella get an opportunity to sing for an audience on New Year's eve. This event helps them realize they love to sing, and it changes their lives forever. We never know when a new opportunity will arrive or what it will bring, but if we open up to it, life becomes interesting, new, and may change us forever!

Dare to be different.
But I've got a confession
My own secret obsession
And it's making me lose control (Stick to the Status Quo)

Each person in the movie had their 'thing'. Troy and Zeke were basketball stars, Gabriella and Martha were the brains, but they each secretly wanted to try something new and be different. Is there something out of the ordinary about you? Don't hide it! It's what makes you unique.

When you work toward a goal, great things happen (and sometimes spontaneous singing...)
We’re soarin’, flyin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach (Breaking Free)

Troy and Gabriella decided to go for their goal of singing in the musical, and wonderful things happened to everyone at school because of it. When you choose to seriously work toward YOUR goal, people may not break into song, but you will notice that magical things begin to happen.

Do what you love.
Why am I feeling so wrong
My head's in the game
But my heart's in the song (Get'cha Head in the Game)

Troy and Gabriella attempt to give up their love of singing, but doing so takes the spark from their lives. We only have this one life to live. If you want to be happy and fulfilled, do what you love and be with the ones you love - those are the things that make life worthwhile.

Live the golden rule & appreciate the good in others.
Everyone is special in their own way
We make each other strong (We're All in this Together)

By the end of the movie, everyone realizes that "we're all in this together", and that doing good for someone else is beneficial to everyone. Do unto others as you'd like them to do unto you. Remember, we're all in this together!

I can't guarantee that watching High School Musical will change your life, but I can say for sure that the songs are catchy enough that you may not be able to forget them! And who knows, it may help you 'Bop to the Top.' ;)


Megan B. said...

Holli Jo - you've managed to intertwine light & fun with personal growth in a really entertaining way. You are GOOD! Thanks for this inspired post!

nora lee said...

That made me smile. :)

Ravi said...

Its been a rough day, and this perked me right up.

Thanks :-).

Holli Jo said...

Thanks, all! I was hoping this post would have that effect. I'm glad you liked it. :)

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