New personal development blog

Hey, all. I just got back from a trip across the country where I had zero access to the Internet. I know, how did I survive?!! In fact, while on the trip, I decided that I may have an Internet addiction. I definitely felt some withdrawal symptoms from being away from email so long. :) Perhaps it's time for some serious cutting down on computer time. Perhaps I'll bring you along for the ride!

Anyway, I'd like to be back up and posting regularly by tomorrow. Meanwhile, check out a blog I recently found - Think Simple. Be Decisive. It focuses on simplicity and happiness and definitely has some great ideas.


Tina Su said...

Hi Holli,

Thanks for the link! :)
Much appreciated.

I hope you are all recharged after your trip.

Talk to you soon,
Think Simple. Be Decisive.
~ Productivity, Motivation & Happiness

Holli Jo said...

You're welcome! I'm glad I can share a great new blog with my readers. :)