Good, Better, Best

I recently decided to take a serious look at the way I use my time every day. Some of the patterns I discovered are disturbing - I waste time, I check my email almost incessantly, and I spend a lot of my free time in front of a computer or a TV.

I'm not really happy with my usage of time lately. Especially since hearing a talk given by a respected leader in my church entitled Good, Better, Best. The talk is fairly religous in nature, but I think it has a larger application.

The point of the talk is that there are practically limitless good things we could be spending our time on. Researching a topic on the Internet could be considered good. Educational TV programming falls under the good category as well, and there are countless other good pursuits out there.

And not to say that pursuing good things is bad; it's not. But his point is that there are better and even 'best' ways to use our time. I agree. With the infinite possible ways to use my time, I'd like to make sure I'm using my time on the best things possible.

Some 'best' things for me
: Spending quality time with my husband. Keeping in touch with family and friends. Getting involved in charity work and doing good deeds (big and small) for others. Doing good things for my body (like exercise). Learning new skills and gaining knowledge.

I haven't done such a good job of focusing my time on the best things, but I'm looking to change that. What are your 'best' things? Are you spending sufficient time on them?


cassidy said...

I also loved this talk because it really motivated me to choose more carefully what I do with my time, and I love that it can apply to my whole life - not just spiritual things. It's a great way to determine if I'm using my time the best way that I can.

Holli Jo said...

Cassidy - I agree. I've really had to reevaluate the way I use my time.