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Today I'm sharing some end of the week link love. I've recently done a lot of thinking about personal finances. Probably because my husband just started a PhD program at the same time that I went from a full-time job to beginning a freelance writing career. So we've had to do a lot of changing where finances are concerned. There have been several great posts from other bloggers this week (and a few weeks ago) on the topic, so I thought I'd share.

If you have trouble saving money, Force yourself to save! is a great article that shows you how you can.

I'm looking to spend less money at the grocery store, and for that reason, I found this article How to Feed yourself for $15 a Week very useful. (Though I know I'll NEVER be able to limit my food intake to $15 a week...)

Are you thinking about switching careers or quitting your day job to branch out and do something new? Quitting the Day Job: Finding the Guts to Pursue your Dreams is a very insightful post about doing just that. For me, it didn't take as many guts to quit the day job (I had to quit because we moved across the country), but having the guts to stay with this freelance writing thing is quite a leap for me!

Want a quick rundown of the main points of personal finance? Check out Everything you Need to Know about Personal Finance. It comes with cool illustrations!

This post, How to Budget with ING Direct, is a look at how an online savings account can help you budget for and save for a variety of different things. I'm experimenting with the idea myself. I like ING Direct so far. (If you want to sign up, let me know and I can get you the $25 sign-on bonus.)


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