Setting goals for the new year

The new year is coming soon - have you thought about goals for the coming year? I know several people who don't like new year's resolutions, preferring instead to constantly update their goals. I think that's great too. But I like the way the new year feels like a clean slate. The year 2008 has never happened before. So no matter what I did in 2007, the year 2008 is wide open for me.

So I set goals every year. I usually focus on five areas:

  • Spiritual - For some this may mean volunteering, getting in tune with nature, or building a relationship with God.
  • Physical - Health and fitness are always important, and I have to renew efforts in this area or I lose focus.
  • Intellectual - I like to find a way to learn something new each year.
  • Social/Relationships - I'm always looking to improve my relationship with my husband, other family members, and friends.
  • Financial/Career - It's important to me to improve my finances as well as set career goals.
Does anyone else have different areas of focus? Here's a short list of things I'd like to accomplish this year.
  • Spiritual - I would like to spend time each day in prayer and meditation.
  • Physical - I want to be able to say that I am physically fit. I want to work up to exercising 5 days a week. And I don't want to eat greasy food anymore.
  • Intellectual - I'd like to take a writing class this coming year.
  • Social/Relationships- I would like to make sure to date my husband weekly, and set up a time each day for sharing thoughts with each other.
  • Financial/Career - Financially I'd like to finally remove credit card debt from my life. Career-wise, I'd like to triple my freelance writing income (It's possible - I'm fairly new to the business, so my salary isn't what I'd like it to be yet), and also get an article published in a top magazine.
Anybody else care to share some goals? Leave a comment and let me know.

I may not post again before the new year, and if not, have a wonderful holiday season. And happy new year! See you in 2008.


MikeTheory said...

I am still working on my goals, but I will post them when I am done. However, I like your wording of goals over resolutions. I am going to really try and break down things I want to change into manageable action and habits. So instead of "get buff" I will say make it to the gym 3 times per week, etc.

primeprojects said...

Hello Holli,

Found your blog through Blogrush. I was also searching using "Goals" and "Resolutions" as keywords.

I like your categories, and may want to re-think my own list, which is made up of,

1. Personal
2. Family
3. Community

Every January, my group comes up with a list of goals/resolutions. We make 2 copies of our forms.

We keep our own original copies. The duplicates are placed in a sealed jar, to be opened next January 1. At that time, we see what has been fulfilled for us. This inspires and motivates us to dream again with our current goals/resolutions.

Have a great 2008!

Footholds For Favorable Outcomes

Holli Jo said...

MikeTheory - I can't wait to hear what goals you will be working on. Let us know. And I agree -making the goals actionable is a key to success!

Holli Jo said...

PrimeProjects -

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. Your group sounds serious about achieving goals, and that is great! I like your three categories, too. Best to you in reaching your goals this year.

Chris said...

Hi Holli Jo,

I will spend more time with my family. I will develop a regular blog posting schedule. I will tell my family and friends that I love them everyday. I will be more aware of the effect of my life on the lives of other people. I will be on television this year (details to come). I will continue to shamelessly promote my shoulder rehabilitation and sport stretching device, the Rotater, every chance that I get.
the Rotater

Holli Jo said...


Thanks for sharing your goals. Some of them are awesome (telling your family you love them every day), and some are just intriguing. (on TV this year?!! Do share.)

Good luck with all your goals, and thanks for reading.