Organize Your Life

My life has been busy lately. We recently moved to Georgia and at first I didn't have a job, so I felt as if I were between lives. I had stuff to do, like find a job, but nothing too strenuous. Then out of nowhere I found freelance writing work, took on a position of responsibility in my church, and I'm suddenly busier than I was before we moved. I realized I would need to organize my thoughts, my paperwork, my home, and my life in order to accomplish all that is required of me. Here are the areas I plan to focus on.

My thoughts. I have a million things in my head at any one time, and it's easy to forget them or miss out on an important detail because I haven't written things down. From now on I plan to keep a notebook with me at all times and write down absolutely everything as it comes to me. I will also need to keep a pretty thorough 'to-do' list. I may go back to using, but for now, I'm going low-tech with the notebook and paper calendar.

My paperwork. I don't know about you, but we've got papers everywhere in this house. The dining room table is the repository for recent mail items. My work desk is littered with bills, documents, and important scraps of paper. Our filing box has a stack of documents six inches high on top of it, none of it organized at all. This is one area of my life that will require a lot of changing on my part.

My home. I constantly battle dishes and clutter in my house. Things are not where they should be, so I'm constantly wandering through the house looking for an item that I searched for (and found) just the day before. It's frustrating, to say the least. I would like to organize my home in such a way that everything has a place, and is there when I need it. I would like to find a system in the kitchen so that I don't fight mountains of dishes all the time. (It doesn't help that our dishwasher is minuscule!)

My life. I need to organize my life so that I use my time wisely. I've got a lot to do, and I'd like to maximize my efficiency so that I can accomplish a lot but still have plenty of free time for relaxing.

I think I will write longer posts on each of these four areas. I'll let you know what I do in each area to organize myself, and hopefully share some good tips for keeping things running smoothly. I hope you will share your ideas as well.


cassidy said...

I love organizing!! I love websites like Real Simple and Martha Stewart because they motivate me to organize every part of our apartment. And I love to-do lists. I make one every day for work, and while I'm at work I make one for when I get home. I like your idea of carrying a notebook with you at all times. I do that now, but I hardly every write in it! I am going to start using it, so hopefully all the thoughts floating around in my head can get organized and not forgotten. Thanks!

ALYN said...

You should see my house right now, Holli! Out of Control. I understand the constantly loosing stuff problem... Sometimes I actually pick up after myself and put stuff away right when I'm done with it. And I think to myself, is this how organized people live all the time? This takes effort! I can see how the "picking up after myself" habit would subdue the chaos. It's a habit I want to establish!

GlamSpiritKristen said...

Holli - I am in the same place as you are! I am realizing all the ways I need to organize my space to organize my life.

Once I get my place cleaned up, I'm going to try some feng shui!

I'll be checking back in to see more on this. And I just signed up with! Thanks for the tip ;)

Holli Jo said...

Cassidy: I love organizing too, I just do it too sporadically. So I'm trying to make a habit of it.

Alyn: I doubt your house is more out of control than mine! And you have kids! I want to establish the habit of picking up after myself too...


Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. It sounds like we're on the same page with organzing, though I am not experienced enough for feng shui at this point. I hope you like todoist. It's fun!

I'm just sayin' said...

I read your post today and was curious how you are doing today? I am a professional organizer and would love (at no cost) to email with you and perhaps give you some ideas for peaceful living.


Sahar said...

thanks for sharing us with your organizing thoughts and's just makes me relieved :)