Stuck in a Rut

I have been stuck in a huge rut lately. It has affected my ability to work, blog, and even enjoy life. I just didn't feel like doing anything. I think this happens to everyone occasionally, but it can be very frustrating when you're in the middle of it.

How did I get out? I think part of it was me riding out the bad time until it started to ease. I'm not sure that's the best way to handle it, because what if it lasts a long time? Not to mention the fact that my productivity levels went WAY down during this time period.

Something else that helped me happened this weekend. My husband and I were given tickets to see an amazing concert pianist play on Friday. I hadn't been to an event like this in a long time, and it rejuvinated me! It was exciting to see what one person could do with hard work and practice.

So the next time I get into a rut, I'm going to try the following:

  • Try something new. It could be playing a sport, spending time with a different friend, seeing a concert, trying out a new restaurant, etc. Anything to get me thinking again.
  • Do something. Many people recommend setting a goal to do 3 things in a day. I always feel like I need to do MORE than that, which can stress me out. When I'm stuck, I should focus on doing ONE thing in a day, and go from there. Once I start, doing more gets easier.
  • Ask for help. During my very worst day, a good friend decided to come over to my house and help me clean. It sounds like a small thing, but her help and friendship made me feel so much better. Ask for help when you need it!
  • Exercise. What is it about exercise that makes it so hard for me to do when I'm in a rut? It is one thing that gives energy and can help rejuvinate you. I just need to do it!
  • Manage stress. If there's something weighing you down, find a way to deal with it. Maybe you just need to vent your feelings, but maybe you need to tackle a project so that it's not hanging over your head. For me, a stressful situation can really bum me out.
  • Find your energy. What makes you happy and renews your energy? Think of some things and just do them. For me, spending time outdoors or with my niece and nephews really lifts my spirit.

Those are my ideas for picking myself back up and regaining my energy. What helps you during those 'blah' times?