Inexpensive Date Ideas

It's important to spend quality time with the one you love. But whether you're married or single, dating can get expensive if you aren't careful. However, with a little planning and searching, you can find many ways to have fun while spending little (if any) money. Here are a few ideas.

Spending time in nature is relaxing and enjoyable, and mostly free. Try nature walks, fly kites at the park, spend time at a lake, find a hiking trail, biking together, have an outdoor picnic, have dinner in your backyard, go swimming together.

There is always something inexpensive happening on a college campus. Check out free performances, lectures, art shows, readings, free musical events, films, inexpensive sporting events, and any number of other free events.

No matter where you live, there are interesting events happening in your community and in nearby communities. Check online city guides for upcoming events - musical, theatre, fairs, interesting shows (car shows, craft fairs, etc.). There are also flea markets, swap meets, and auctions which can be fun to attend. Check your local church for church socials and other events. The public library also has many free events - lectures, movies, classes, parties, etc.

Spend time together and learn something new in the process. Spend an evening at a bookstore reading together, go out and take photographs together, have an evening at home playing games (my husband and I like Trivial Pursuit), take an inexpensive class together (a cooking class, for example), develop a new hobby together (such as learning to make furniture or home improvement - not that either of those are cheap!)

This is your chance to show your partner how romantic you are. Put together a homemade candlelight dinner, read poetry together, trade massages, watch a romantic movie at home together, spend an evening together just talking and learning about each other (The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters for Any Occasionis fun if you need ideas.)


Jamie said...

I love this. This is something I've been thinking a ton about lately. Stuff to do as a couple and stuff to do with the little ones. I love this blog. It's really uplifting and gives you stuff to think about or evaluate. Cool! Lots of great ideas and thoughts.

cassidy said...

Thanks for all of the ideas! Now that we are living on only one income we have to really cut down on spending money on entertainment, so it's really helpful to have this list of free and cheap dates! P.S. I love the blog!

Holli Jo said...

Jamie: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the nice compliment. I hope you stick around and share your ideas.

Cassidy: Welcome! I'm glad you like the blog. It makes me feel good to know that others enjoy it. And we're in the same boat as you with one income. It's tough sometimes!