Living your Passion

This is part three in a series on how to discover and live your passion and life purpose.

In part two we discussed ways to discover your passion and life purpose. You may not have fully explored your dreams and life purpose, but you probably have some ideas. Here are some strategies for making your dream a reality.

  • It’s important to understand that you can live out your dream, but you can’t live every dream at once. So don’t attempt them all! Choose to focus on one dream (or maybe two) at a time.
  • Write your goals down, then write down the next step you will need to take in order to achieve your goals.
  • Think about the things that are currently holding you back from living your dream. Is it a lack of money? Lack of time? Lack of knowledge? Fear of failure? Most of the obstacles can be cleared from your path if you truly desire to pursue it. Face your fears and do it anyway. Clear something less important from your schedule in order to free up time (There is always something that can go). Read a book or take a class. Brainstorm ways to live on less money or bring more in. Acknowledge your obstacles and then find a way around them.
  • Take action! You can dream, plan and prepare forever, but you won’t be living your life purpose unless you take an action. The hardest step is the first one, so just take the leap and go for it.
  • Be prepared spend time outside your comfort zone. Taking a step toward your ideal life is a step away from your comfort zone. You may feel fearful, feel like an imposter, or worry that you won’t succeed. That’s normal – it just means you’re walking in the right direction.
Living a life of passion and purpose requires trial and error as you discover your dreams, and requires you to take action. It also entails effort, sacrifice, and a willingness to live outside your comfort zone. But the rewards of living this way are great. You will feel joy, excitement, and peace in living your best life.

Part one in this series gives a general overview of living a life of passion. Part two gives tips on how to discover your passion. The final part to this series will share a real-life example of someone who lived their passion.


MLH said...

Love your writing! Thanks for the inspiration!

Holli Jo said...

Thanks so much, mlh! I appreciate the feedback, and I'm happy it inspires you! :)