The Reader's Turn

Those of you who have a blog will probably relate to what I'm about to say. I'm in a slump. I feel like I've written all I have to say, and I don't have any new ideas. Nor do I feel the drive or motivation I had in the beginning when I first started this blog.

But I've heard this happens to bloggers. After the first couple of months, they panic, thinking their creative flow is gone. But what's actually gone is the initial excitement, and if they stick out the rough patch, supposedly the 'flow' comes back. (So here's to hoping!)

On a more general note, I think this happens to anyone who undertakes something new. In the beginning, everything feels exciting; almost effortless. And then once the excitement dissipates, you have to find a different and longer-lasting motivation. Perhaps I'll explore that concept in a later post. (An idea! Maybe I'm not sunk after all...)

Meanwhile, my beloved readers (I know there are some loyal followers, if not a ton yet!), I turn to you. Is there a topic (either general or specific) you'd like to read more about or discuss? Or any questions you may have of me? If so, please comment below, or email me - hollijkr (at), and ask away.

I want my posts to be relevant to you, so any feedback you have would be wonderful. I appreciate both your feedback and your support of my blog. Knowing that people read and get something out of my blog has been my ultimate motivation! So, thank you.


TK said...

I would love to get your take on goals and being able to persevere through multiple failures to reach them. How do you keep trying when you fail so often? When do you decide that maybe achieving that goal is not meant to be and pursue something else more promising. Not YOU personally, but general human beings. Also, is it selling out to take a job that doesn't inspire you in an effort of self preservation and financial stability? Or is self preservation a valid enough excuse to postpone "saving the world" for a time that is more convenient?

john - from fat to fit said...

Maybe you have more to say on your Habits post ( I think it's a topic that could be more fully explored.

Megan said...

Holli Jo --- slump be gone! Tell yourself you're always inspired (over and over in your head) until it seeps into every vein and you are, indeed, inspired. (Affirmations have always worked for me!)

I'd love to know who you find inspirational. Who - when you read their book, listen to them speak, see them doing their thing - totally energizes you?

Thanks for staying positive - your blog is awesome!

cassidy said...

I would love to read reviews of books, movies, or websites that have similar topics you blog about (motivation, organization, money saving, etc).

I also think you could do a lot of blogs with a "how to" theme, like how to make and stick to a budget, how to find your passions, how to organize a closet, etc. Maybe you could even post a picture of your latest crocheting projects and post a "how to" on them.

But I'm loving your blog and it has motivated me to start doing a lot of things (crocheting, quilting, and cardmaking) because of your topics - so don't discontinue it!!

Holli Jo said...

TK - I love your questions! So much food for thought. I will definitely be writing some posts along those lines. I hope you will add your comments to them so I know your opinion on these questions as well!

John - Thanks for the idea. I agree, that topic could definitely be explored more fully.

Megan - Thanks for supporting my blog! It means a lot. And I love your question about who I find inspirational. I'll be writing about that soon!

Cassidy - you may be my sis, but your comments and support of my blog means a lot! I like your ideas. I'll be posting relevant reviews in the future, as well as writing more 'how-to' articles. Thanks for the topic ideas.

As for crochet how-to's, I won't be posting any here, BUT, I do plan to post a couple of how-to craft projects on another blog I contribute to - Craft Tutorials. So look for me there in the near future!

I'm glad you're finding inspiration to start doing things! That makes me happy. Thanks all for your comments!